Mopar's Tire and Wheel Protection Against Road Hazards

Mopar wants your SUV, minivan, or sedan to be as safe as possible on the road. One way they've done this is to combine efforts to create a protection plan for a part of your drivetrain. In particular, your tires and wheels.

Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Protection handles nearly all aspects related to damage by road hazards. These include problems from going over or hitting curbs and potholes. Original and replacement parts are fully covered, as is the mounting and balancing of the tires. Furthermore, there's a zero deductible for the plan holder.

Mopar's tire and wheel protection coverage is a must for those who rely on their vehicle as a prime form of transportation. Both for themselves and their family members. Find out more by making an appointment with your dealership's service center. Once signed up, some of the pressures of vehicle ownership will be removed from your shoulders.


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