The Jeep Gladiator Is Leading By Example

The Jeep Gladiator is a winner by all means. This popular pickup truck is mid-size, but it yields big features. This vehicle can be used for recreational purposes, or it can be used for running daily errands. Let's dive a bit deeper.

The Gladiator can be chosen with various wheel designs and sizes. This includes 17-inch silver-aluminum wheels, 18-inch crystal-aluminum wheels, 17-inch black-aluminum wheels and more. There's even an option for off-road, 33-inch wheels. These large wheels will fit the frame perfectly thanks to the vehicle's high wheel arches. Jeep has put a lot of thought into this design, and this intelligence has paid off dearly. Consumers can choose from a number of trims, including the Sport, Rubicon, Sport S and Overland. All four trims have four-wheel drive systems and comes in a myriad of exterior paints.

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